COVID-19 Day 3: 16 Mar 2020

First thing this morning we had a conference call about what our plan would be to keep up business operations. There was some waffling and some talk about barebones schedule rotations, but we got to the right place. One by one we went into the office to get anything we needed to work from home for the next couple of weeks. I forwarded everyone’s desk extension to their cell phones. I’m just realizing I forgot to edit the incoming call attendant to reflect that our office is empty… oops.

On the way home I made a quick stop by the pot shop to see if I could grab some edibles. It was wild, they weren’t letting anyone inside. Previously purchased online orders were being delivered at arm’s length, and they were enforcing a 6 foot separation between people in line.

Back in the car and driving again, We heard word the Trump was recommending not gathering more than 10 people, and that recommendation would last through June or July. San Francisco went into lockdown.

It was the first “School Day” with us all working from home. We did OK. we’ll figure out how to get into the swing of it, I think. We don’t have much choice. It’s gonna be a while.

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