COVID-19 Day 1: 14 Mar 2020

This is our first day “home” for COVID-19 social distancing. We started the day with a visit from my brother and his wife and son – they’re selling their house and needed to be out for the inspection. Riley has a scheduled haircut at 12:30, so while they were out I found some meat at a local butcher, then took a trip to the grocery store. It was oddly quiet after the last few days of no parking, no food on the shelves, and lines filling the front of the store.

We’re trying to figure out what “social distancing” will mean to us. Will we still see a small core group? or is it just us? We’re also wondering if we should start eating from our full refrigerator, or if we should be making small trips to the supermarket for a day or two at a time. In either case, we’ve started snacking less and eating smaller portions. Not exactly rationing, but we’re paying attention to our reserves.

I took the dogs out for a walk, saw some other people out and about with their dogs. It looks like a normal day. After that, Michelle and Riley went for a rollerblade to her brother’s house two streets over.

Now we spend the night in the house playing video games and staying occupied. Michelle and Riley will not be going to school/work for at least 2 weeks. UML just cancelled on-campus classes for the rest of the semester. I still have to go into the office on Monday, but there’s rumor floating around that Charlie Baker will be enforcing a “Hold In Place” order starting Monday. Things could get very interesting if that becomes true.

Otherwise on the Town Facebook Page, everything seems normal. We’re fighting about the Orange Cheeto and asking about home repairs and trying to find who dumped a load of garbage wood in someone’s driveways. Airplanes still fly overhead on final to Hanscom. I still have plenty of bourbon. This is all very strange.

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