Resume, anyone?

7. Prodigy:
At the age of 2.5 years old I was capable of reading newspapers, books, write complex sentences, do algebra, and
play any complex musical tunes on any instrument. At the age of 7, I flew my first rocket based on self-initiated
research and self-induced simplifications and a minute amount help from Dad.
8. Gifted:
I learn complex information very fast with an application range beyond its extended field and contemplation and I
am also capable of putting this newly gained and instantaneously further developed know-how into use with
extreme professionalism.
9. Tolerance:
I have extremely deep patience and tolerance in the sense of working with biased and stubborn people. I am
persistently gentle, calm, and friendly at all times. I enjoy being nice truly and solve problems through peaceful and
friendly approach.
10. Theories and their projections:
I developed unifying and amalgamated theories to combine many layers of scopes of synergetic branches; in quantum, nuclear,
atomic, chemical, and molecular physics, metamaterials, nanoengineering, quartz, grain and materials engineering, astrophysics
and theoretically discovered very many universes interrelated workings, such as; dark matter and stretched energy environments
in parallel universes, hyperspace and space-time energy flow in differentiating energy field levels and their continuous
conversions in folded dimensions. These insightful theories enabled me to project and derive requirements for theoretical
futuristic devices and instrumentations, such as; wormhole projectors and extenders, energy extending generators,
gravitational/anti-gravitational or thrust force generators, force field accumulators, complex and differentiating invisibility
molecules, inertial gravitational dampening fields related to tractor beam generation, atom thin and super precise cutting tools.

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