Switch to WordPress!

I’ve been a Joomla guy for quite some time, it just seemed to make the most intuitive sense to me.  Recently, I was looking into building a plugin module on top of a CMS for work (I don’t really want to get involved in building my own security layer for multiple users) and a friend suggested I look at WordPress.  I initially laughed it off, but I did end up giving it a look.

Holy Lord

This has come a long way since I last looked at it probably close to 10 years ago (my wordpress.com account has a demo page with content from 9 years ago)

Not only is it fairly easy to create custom content types, all of the user/social features are on point, the theming is very nice (and simple to edit),  and it’s nearly effortless to setup a site quickly.  The site you’re looking at now is a culmination of about 3 hours of work.

Long story short, if you haven’t looked at WP lately, give it another look now. You’ll be surprised and delighted, i guarantee it.

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